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Libre de Soufre (Côtes-du-Rhône)

Our red wine Côtes-du-Rhône : Libre de Soufre (sulphur free)



This wine is a blend of different Rhône’s varieties of vine with a majority of Mourvèdre.


​This wine is elaborated with vines cultivated on two different types of soil : clay and limestone type and stony soils. The maximum yield for this appellation is 51hl/ha.


​Alcoholic fermentation during a week and maceration for 3 week in the aim to extract colour, flavour and tannins ; daily pumping over. Malolactic fermentation takes place directly after the alcoholic fermentation. Filtration at the end of the devatting to avoid an organoleptic deviation that could be caused as there is no sulphur in this wine. Aged in stainless steel tanks during 6 months. No SO2 has been added to this wine. It contains less than 10mg/L naturally produced by the yeasts during the fermentation.

Tasting notes
  • Colour : intense, ruby red with purple hints.
  • Aroma : the absence of sulphur allows this wine to express its aromas more freely ! It has a fresh red fruits scent.
  • Palate : full, with a great volume and a strong complexity.
Food pairing

Will perfectly match with a dish cooked in sauce or a spicy speciality. 

Serving temperature



Enjoy this wine in the year to fully appreciate its great taste ! 

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