Confirmez-vous avoir l'âge légal pour la consommation d'alcool dans votre pays ?
Are you legal age to purchase and consume alcohol in your resident state?


Our Rocca Maura signature is the guarantee of a constant quality, research and attention to details.

The rigor and precision of our winemaking team guarantee the expression and style of our wines. We also bring a lot of care to our wines elaboration, while keeping in mind the needs of our clients.

Our cooperative winery is a major actor of the local fabric. It has an important role in the professional and social life in our rural land. We also are devoted to environmental issues, since Rocca Maura supports a sustainable agriculture.

The diversity of our cuvées and our unique terroir are the key elements making the success of this wonderful collective adventure. It honours the proud heritage of our founders and we will soon celebrate our 100th birthday.