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Our winegrowers : our strength

Rocca Maura : generations of winegrowers

Since 1922, generations of winegrowers have been constantly working hand in hand to develop our cooperative cellar. Today, we work the vines and bring to them the best of care. We constantly improve our work practices to minimize our environmental impact. We are guided by the Chambre d’Agriculture du Gard in order to work in most sustainable way. Some winegrowers are following organic methods.

Only ripe grapes produce quality wines. This is why each year before harvest, a technician proceeds to a precise plot selection of our whole vineyard. Therefore each block is harvested at the optimal time, and only the oldest and highest quality grapes are selected to make our most prestigious blends.

Winery founded in 1922

Our 60 winegrowers work hand in hand

400 hectares of vines

“Some of us grow organic vines”

Some pictures of our wines