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Cuvée Laurent (Cru – Tavel)

Our rose wine Cru – Tavel : Cuvée Laurent

The wine of Tavel is historically famous. Philip IV (« Philippe le Bel ») is supposed to have travelled through Tavel on one of his tours of the kingdom. He was offered a glass, which he emptied without getting off his horse and afterwards proclaimed Tavel the only good wine in the world. Tavel achieved AOC status in 1936 when this system was introduced.


A classic Grenache and Shiraz blend


The vines grow on a very poor soil made of siliceous pebbles and red clay.

Wine making

The grapes receive a 24-hour cold soak on the skins to give the wine its suggestive pinkness and luscious body. Then the fermentation takes place for around 10 days at 16°c. This wine is aged on fine lees for a few months.

Tasting notes
  • Color: dark and brilliant
  • Aroma: Fresh red berries: raspberry, strawberry
  • Palate: round, powerful, the aromatic balance is remarkable
Food pairing

Try it with stuffed zucchini, curcuma chicken, Greek cuisine, lamb or Asian food.

Serving temperature:

10 – 12° C


Drink it now or enjoy it next year.

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