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Young 25 years-old Breton, Valentin applied to Rocca Maura’s cellar as oenologist /wine maker last May, a role he fulfils with passion and commitment.

He successfully graduated as a oenologist in 2018 in Bordeaux and then, chose the South to develop his passion promptly in a wine-growers’ cooperative “rather than prestigious vineyards, and I am proud to work in a cellar, in partnership and for the winegrowers, in a cooperative spirit”.

Valentin explains his passion very simply: “I like wine taste-wise but it’s more to me a relation between French heritage and creating something with my own hands”.

Wine maker, a position where you have to direct all the steps: “In my daily life, there is wine preparation to conditioning, a sensitive task that allows no carelessness; you have to be very careful to avoid harvest pitfalls during the blend, with production’s objectives that match the terroir and the research of new products linked to the market. A continuous search for improvement.”

Valentin enjoys the cellar’s atmosphere: “A united team, helping one another, communicating but with a work oriented consciousness and a receptive management” .

Many reasons that should help him fit in and free this consuming passion in a trusting and collective- oriented environment.